Announcing the Bebook Neo

Note: This is a repost of post I originally wrote for MR

I already posted a pre-announcement of the Bebook Neo over on MobileRead a couple of weeks ago (during CES). Now that it's been formally announced, I thought it worth mentioning again.

I have the OEM model, the Onyx Boox 60. It's a very good piece of hardware. Onyx pushed the release date back so they could perfect the design, and it shows. I posted a review several months ago. I had the original firmware, so my review is now slightly out of date.

You can pre-order the Neo for 299 euros, and the price in dollars was not actually stated, but it was implied that it would be below $349. That is how much Dulin's Books is asking for the Boox 60 at the moment. I think you might want to consider getting it from Dulin's rather than wait for the Neo. The Boox 60 will come with a very nice leather book style case and a charger. The Neo will not include either item, and I know I would want them.

Endless Ideas made a number of improvements to the software running on the Neo, and the most important one is the ebookstore integration. Endless Ideas has arranged it so you can buy ebooks from almost any ebookstore in the world that sells Epub [B]from the Neo itself[/B]. And, they've organized the menu so you don't have to worry about regional restrictions.

P.S. On a related note, you will soon be able to buy a similar device from DittoBook.

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