Come with me to 2020

I found a fascinating satirical prediction of the future over on the Financial Times website:

Pretend for a moment you’ve joined me in popping a time travel pill with your grapefruit juice and we’re all hurtling fast-forward to the year 2020.


Given that we’ve all travelled 10 years into the future in less than a second, it would be good to get a fix on what’s going on but, at first glance, there’s not a newspaper in sight – not even a handsome expanse of salmon pink newsprint. Hungry for news, we approach a passer-by to ask him where we might be able to buy or download a shred of information but he just shrugs and raises his flippers in despair. Flippers?

A quick glance across the street reveals that that this is not a birth defect but symbolic of where the world has ended up – a family of four is waddling down the street and they all have flippers instead of hands.

Unable to conceal our curiosity, we come clean about being time travellers and ask the man what the flippers are all about. At first he’s mildly puzzled by the question but then explains that the great wave of 2010 changed everything.

It gets better from there.

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