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Every year TOC has an event on the schedule called Ignite TOC. Speakers are given 5 minutes to present whatever they want. I found a couple speakers that were worth reporting. (I also found a couple speakers who were so annoying that I wanted t punch them, but that's another post.)

Reading Habits

Peter Collingridge is the co-founder of Enhanced Editions, a company that developed enhanced ebooks for (at the moment) the iPhone & iPod Touch. He gave a brief talk on data collected from the first ebook released by Enhanced Editions.

Some of the details they learned include:

  • many people read it for 2 hours at lunch
  • the average session was 24 minutes at a time
  • audio was much more popular than video
  • press coverage + low prices drives sales
  • no one reads the copyright page

How to get your ebook to the top of the iTunes Store - Al Katkowsky

Al Katkowsky gave a 5 minute talk on how he turned his book, Question Of The Day, with 1,000 sales in paper into 50,000 sales in the App Store. It was rather interesting. Here are some of the things he did:

  • connected with his friends through social media
  • asked his friends to buy his app, causing it to shoot up the charts
  • picked App Store search keywords carefully, including "Kindle"
  • held events at Apple stores
  • added an email link to his app so users could give feedback

He also said that the war on free content is over, so everyone has to come to the table. It may not be possible to sell a book directly, but he thinks a free to taste model might work.

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  1. Nate,

    Thanks, I’m glad that you felt that my talk was worth mentioning here.

    A couple of points that may not have been clear when I spoke: my App has been for sale and for free, but has mostly been free. We saw at a certain point that the long term benefits of connecting with many new readers far outweighed the benefits of making what was, at the time, a very modest amount of money.

    The total of combined downloads is over 125,000, with nearly one million views of video within the app. Think of what a remarkable step forward this audience connection is. Now, we will slowly work on monetizing as we maintain and continue to expand our participation/fan base.

    Thought you’d appreciate the update. Thanks again for the mention, hope it was helpful.

    – Al

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