Music pirates are sabotaging rescue efforts in Haiti

So there is a charity album to raise money for Haiti, and it can of course be found in the torrents. Naturally someone at the RIAA took the opportunity to beat a dead horse:

...the album is now widely available on illicit BitTorrent sites like The Pirate Bay, Torrentz and more. The posting highlights a truly ugly side of P2P piracy – the undermining of humanitarian fundraising efforts via online theft of the “Hope for Haiti Now” compilation.  So much for the notion that illegal downloading (“sharing”) is an effort to help advance the plight of artists.

Gosh darn it, I didn't buy that album either*. I must be undermining the humanitarian fundraising efforts too. What a horrible person I am.

There is a difference between action and inaction, and not buying something is by definition inaction. For someone to actually undermine the humanitarian fundraising efforts, they will have to act in some way. Failing to give money is not it. And if you are going to argue that having extra copies of the album harms someone, then I will buy the album once and copy it to my 5 devices. Obviously the 4 copies I didn't pay for must in some way be undermining the humanitarian fundraising efforts.

* I didn't download the album. I'm not a pirate.

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