PC World: New Browser Won’t Save Kindle

David CourseyDavid Coursey at PC World has latched onto a recent sighting of a job posting at Amazon for a web developer for an "innovative web browser." His article makes the same connection everyone else apparently has: That it must be an Amazonian plan to create a new browser for the Kindle. He then goes on to say that it will do no good for the device:

An innovative Web browser will not stop what is going to happen to Kindle. The device will not be able to compete with next-generation, color-screen tablets that feature ereader functionality and do more.

Though the supposition may or may not be correct (Amazon could be planning a new browser for a new device, and not the existing Kindle), I find myself in agreement with the rest of the article. It essentially states the black-and-white Kindle's days are numbered, and that Amazon will most likely abandon the hardware altogether at some point, the Kindle having accomplished its primary goal of kick-starting the e-book industry:

Ten years from now, we will fondly remember the Kindle as the device that helped take book publishing out of the forestry business and onto the small screen. It will have been a huge success in changing the world, but, alas, its days are presently numbered.

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  1. Prognosticate much? Seven years later and the Kindle is doing fine with it’s “Silk” browser.

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