Amazon UK Now Requires Price Parity

Starting 31 March, Amazon is going to require that all third party sellers on,, and sell a product at the same price as a seller's other channels. For example, if someone sold on and Ebay, the prices on have to be below the selling price on Ebay. The policy includes web retailers with their own websites.

I picked Ebay in order to demonstrate the absurdity, but I honestly doubt that it will be included in the new policy. Even so, this is gonna suck for the smaller sellers. Amazon takes a huge commission from third party sellers. (Amazon also takes a cut of the shipping fee, so it's actually a double commission.) Margins are tight, and competition is fierce. If sellers can't raise the price to cover Amazon's extortionate fees, then I wonder how many will stop selling through Amazon.

Price Parity (Amazon UK)

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  1. I’ve been noticing a significant inertia regarding customers’ (consumers, authors and publishers) acceptance of Amazon’s business practices… as bad as their behavior might be, Amazon has apparently convinced them that they are the only planet in the solar system, and pulling themselves out of Amazon’s gravity well would be suicide.

    I, myself, am waiting to see how many publishers finally wake up and realize that they can sell e-books outside of Amazon, as others are doing right now. But as long as they are looking only at their bottom line, and see bigger profits through Amazon (even with draconian business practices) than they think they can earn on their own, they will continue to stay with Amazon, and let them walk all over them.

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