Zinio are working on Android, iPad Apps

Fierce Wireless is reporting:

Zinio is in early beta testing with a version of its ereader platform for the Android operating system, which should ultimately be suitable for use in any Linux-based ereader, said Jeanniey Mullen, Zinio's global executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

The Android-compatible version is a follow-up to Zinio's January launch of an iPhone and iPod app for its Unity-branded reading platform. That app is available for free via the Apple App Store in many nations where the iPhone is sold.

In addition, a version of Unity for the Apple iPad is slated to arrive next month, said Mullen during an interview at the CTIA Wireless show here. Unlike the iPhone app, which launched with a limited number of accessible titles, "The iPad will have our entire newsstand available on the first day," Mullen said.

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