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Introducing the Viewsonic VEB 620 & VEB 625

Viewsonic announced 2 new ereaders yesterday at The Gadget Show Live in the UK.Te details in the press release are rather sparse, but I do have some information.

The VEB 620 & VEB 625 both have a 6" epaper screen, 2GB storage, SD card slot, and an accelerometer. The VEB 625 also has Wifi and a touchscreen. If you look at the picture on the left, you can see the letters 3G on the bottom edge. There was no mention in the press release, so don't get your hopes up. Also, I'm still waiting to hear about format support.

The devices were only announced for a European release and are supposed to be available now. The projected retail is £175 (VEB 620) and £205 (VEB 625), and both prices are excluding VAT.

Update: Viewsonic has posted the spec sheet (PDF). We now knw that format support includes PDF, Epub, FB2, html, txt, and rtf. The product pages are also up (VEB620 & VEB625).

via PCAdvisor

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