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It's been more than a few days since I posted the first section of the review, and I regret the delay. I ran into a bit of a snag; my review unit had a defective battery.  Every time I had a chance to go someplace quiet to use the Edge and write, I couldn't. Luckily, a replacement battery is on it's way.

Someone asked about this over at MobileRead, and I decided to take a few minutes today and post about how to add third party apps to the Edge. It's  a fairly simple process, but I'm going to add a couple steps that should help you later on.

Where to get the apps

The Edge can't use the Android Market (yet), nor can it use the open alternative, Appslib. At this time, I know of 2 ways to find apk install files. The first is to download the apk directly from the developer. This option isn't always available; it seems to me that a lot of Android developers don't want to bother with downloads. BTW, I would not  recommend googling an app and  downloading it from just anywhere. I've always had trouble with an app when I do that.

My current preferred source is Android Freeware. All the apps I've gotten from from that site installed without a hitch. Now, not all of them worked well, but they did install without creating problems.

How to get the apps

The easiest way would be to go to Android Freeware with the Edge web browser. I think you'd be better off if you used your computer instead. The site isn't mobile friendly, so it won't work well on the Edge in portrait mode. Also, I think you should download them to your computer first just to make sure that you will have a backup copy. I don't know that you'll need it, but if you are goign to try a lot of apps, chances are that one might cause your Edge to crash. You might need to reset to factory settings. Better safe than sorry.

Once you have the install files downloaded, you can transfer them over the USB cable, or copy them onto an SD card. Then open the library and select the storage option. Navigate to the folder where you put the install files and click on one to install it.

What apps to get

There is no way I can test them all, but I can point you at a couple of lists of apps that work on the Edge:

Unfortunately, a lot of apps will only work in a small window. Evernote and eReader both have this problem, alas. But they still work.

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  1. There’s also the free (to download) slideme app at There are paid and freeware apps there, but it’s the most comprehensive and universal non-google android store out there.

  2. Thanks!

    Slideme does work, but only in the small window. It doesn’t work full screen.

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