Kindle4PC v1.1 now available

Sometime this past week, Amazon released a an updated version of Kindle4PC. You can get it here. Some of the improvements include:

  • notes and highlights
  • brightness controls
  • full screen mode
  • background color options: white on black (night mode), black on white, and sepia

My initial reaction was to ask: is that all? Aside from the notes and highlights, the new features are superficial. I was hoping for the ability to change the:

  • font
  • justification
  • margins
  • number of columns

or any of the other features of Mobipocket Desktop Reader. Once again, Amazon has taken a very capable piece of software and released a crippled version. I guess by now we should be used to it.

One thought on “Kindle4PC v1.1 now available

  1. I agree, what’s up with not allowing users to change margins and justification? The ability is in the hardware Kindles but hidden. These features are trivial to implement but add tremendous value.

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