Going Paperless with the iPad

I read a blog post last week about going paperless on the iPad, and it wasn't very useful. I knew I could do better (and I don't even have an iPad). Here are 5 apps that have been optimized for the iPad. I'm sure there are more, but this should get you started.

Dragon Dictation (free) From what I've heard, this is a great speech to text app.

Docs2Go ($9.99) - I'm somewhat ambivalent about this app. The iPhone version isn't as capable as the ones on other platforms.But it's still a good office app which lets you read Powerpoint and excel files, and lets you create and edit MSWord files.

Evernote (free) I've used it, and I think Evernote is the best multi-platform note taking app. It's not just that you can write or type notes; you can also attach files to a note. A monthly subscription is required for

GoodReader ($.99) This is a PDF reader that comes highly recommended. I've seen it called the best on the iPad.

Instapaper (free & $4.99) - This is my favorite way to save web pages for later reading. There are also browser plugins, so you could save a page on your alptop and read it on the iPad.

Kindle4iPad (free) - I wasn't planning to list ereader apps, but I decided to make an exception for the Kindle app. I'm sure everyone knows about it, but I want to highlight the fact that you can sync your annotations between all versions of the Kindle app (iPhone, PC, iPad) as well as the Kindle itself.

readMe ($1.99) -It supports Epub, PDF, and FB2. Actually, Epub support isn't that important if you have access to iBooks (which is not available everywhere).

What's not on this list

Stanza is the most obvious app that's not on the list. It hasn't been optimized for the iPad yet, and from the reports I've seen the user experience is marginally adequate. I'm a little surprised that Lexcycle hasn't released an updated version. I also left out apps that I'm not familiar with, as well as ones that I didn't find good reviews for.

If you like an app that's not listed here, please recommend it in the comments.

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  1. As I mentioned over on TeleRead, Lexcycle has said they’re not producing an iPad version of Stanza right now. It reminds me an awful lot of how Mobipocket abruptly decided not to produce an iPhone version of the reader it had only months before been trumpeting about.

    I think Amazon doesn’t want its own subsidiaries competing with it in new markets.

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