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MyPadMedia – Buyer beware

There's a new digital comic sharing site that popped up in the past few days called MyPadMedia. Carly from Gear Diary researched the site, and she thinks it might be a scam. Here's what she wrote:

But what is MyPadMedia? Well, it is a site that promises the holy grail to readers: pay them $50 ONCE and the floodgates open for unlimited books. What books? Well, you need to pay to play, my friends. There’s a testimonial that claims to have read “the whole twilight series”, but if you want more you need to pony up some serious dough, sight unseen.

From all appearances, it is a huge scam.

Red flag #1: no searchable listings. Pay up, but they won’t tell you what you’re paying for!
Red flag #2: no mention of what publishers are on board.
Red flag #3: no mention of any digital rights management software.

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