Calibre adds support for Kobo

The latest build of calibre is out. From the announcement:

New Features

  • Support for the Kobo Reader and the HTC Desire
  • PDB Input: Add support for PDB files created with incorrect encodings
  • EPUB Output: Make the file size splitting algorithm more intelligent. If a split results in a tree that is very small, choose another split point.
  • Add an entry to the Fetch News menu to fetch all scheduled news
  • MOBI Output: When inserting metadata, hide the searchable version of the tags (append with ttt). They are still searchable, but not visible.

Bug Fixes

  • HTML Input: Handle case sensitive file systems on OS X
  • EPUB Output: When rescaling PNG images, write out the rescaled data in PNG format as ADE cannot handle JPEG data in a PNG file
  • SONY drivers: Fix corner case that could cause errors when transferring books with series to the device.
  • Allow users to set the content server port to < 1025 (system ports) with a warning.
  • Don't popup an error message when adding books if the cover is not a valid image
  • SONY drivers: Fix bug that prevented detection SD cards that had the Sony Reader/database folders, but no cache.xml
  • EPUB Input: Handle invalid EPUB files that have manifest entries pointing to non existent files
  • Fix the get cover/metadata from specific format buttons when the user has chosen to read metadata only from filenames
  • Conversion pipeline: More robust conversion of HTML tags to text when detecting structure
  • Fix 'Open containing folder' does not work if the path name contains '#'

About calibre

Calibre is a free open source tool program that helps you use your ereader.  It runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux, and can be used to convert files (to a format used by your device) and then transfer the ebooks to your ereader. You can create ebooks in almost every format available, and then read them on virtually all devices in existence. Find out more at calibre.

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