Infibeam launch digital publishing platform

Infibeam (India's answer to just announced India's first native digital publishing system. This new system was created to support Infibeam's ereader and ebookstore. InDigi will also act as a digital distribution channel for other websites, and will provide Print On Demand (POD) service as well. From the press release:

The digital platform comprises of an automated setup for digitization of paper books and other physical content. The solution will provide digital books in various formats including pdf, epub and mobi formats. Content delivery and usage will be restricted to authorized buyers through digital rights management (DRM). The digital books will initially be sold through's eBooks store. Infibeam's digital venture will also act as a digital distribution channel for other websites, and will provide Print On Demand (POD) service as well.

Readers of Indian literature can look forward to digitized version of 'out of print books' and content in Indian languages such as Sanskrit being made available through the digital platform. Read books in an eco-friendly and a techo-friendly way - Buy an Infibeam Pi!


The Infibeam Pi isn't all that special (aside from the fact that it's natively supported in India, which counts for a lot). It appears to be a stock Netronix EB600 with the standard firmware. But, it's not unusual for a company to start with this basic model and then come out with their own design. I have high hopes for Infibeam.

I mentioned earlier that Infibeam is trying to be Amazon Jr. I think they're going to succeed in that goal. They have an ebookstore, ereader, and a digital publishing platform. This is a rather impressive start for a tech company. Infibeam might end up being the leading edge of the Indian ebook industry.

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