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Will E-Book Pressures Send Hardcover Prices Soaring?

That's the question asked by Jane Levere on She has gotten mixed opinions on the issue, ranging from:

Alberto Vitale, former chairman and chief executive of Random House, and an early proponent of digital-books, believes the prices of hardcover books could climb by at least a third in the next five years while the prices of e-books could decline.


In a phone interview this week, Murray cited the $35 price charged by Scribner for the hardcover edition of the Stephen King novel Under the Dome, calling it "a big step up" for commercial fiction. He said that although "we may see prices of hardcovers go up a little bit, I don't know if we'll get what [Vitale] is talking about."

I don't see it happening, actually. The market can't even support a$30 hardback, much less $40 or $50. If the market could support that price then retailers like Amazon wouldn't discount them quite so much.

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