SID Display Week 2010: Day 1

by Charlie Dulin of Dulin's Books

This post is from Wednesday. It was posted late due to problems with email.

First Day at SID Display week was different than I might have expected. I only had CES to compare it to, and I was expecting something a little different. However, this is not a consumer show. It is an industry show where the various component makers show of their wares to the OEMs in hope they will buy.

But I am a tech fan and so I found some very interesting things in the world of display tech, 3d tech, etc. There are a couple companies that are selling various forms of connectors and another two that have developed ways to move large pieces of glass in display factories without having to touch them (think air hockey tables) with very minimum effort and lift. Corning had a neat display of Gorilla glass.  Different sizes, shapes, and strengths. The most impressive to me was flexible glass! Yes, an actual sheet of nearly indestructible Gorilla Glass that is flexible.

But so far, I did not see much in the way of devices that you might be buying in the near future. I did get a chance to talk with Fujitsu about the Flepia. Sadly, it is not destined for the US or Canada (at least from Fujitsu).  They are willing to license it out to other companies for rebranding but they do not want to get into marketing and distribution themselves.

I ran into Mary Lou Jepson of Pixel Qi while in the QUALCOMM Mirasol booth.  Pixel Qi won the Display of the year award here at SID.  I have not found their booth or tracked down May Lou since. I plan on hunting her down tomorrow if I can. Mirasol is getting ready to launch a product for consumers (more on that later).

I will be sitting down with Liquavista tomorrow and I plan to make another run at E-Ink’s booth – my camera quit on me this afternoon while I was at their booth but I did get a few pictures.

I also spent some time at Bridgestone’s booth and there is a device coming soon using their Liquid Powder Display technology. Stay tuned for that post.

I got to spend a little time with Kent displays and their “Boogie Board” I actually own a Boogie Board that I picked up at Brookstone just about a week ago. The Boogie Board is a writing/drawing pad made from a single pixel, pressure sensitive, bi-stable cholorestic LCD.  It is basically like a note pad without the paper. I would have brought it with me but my 5 year old would not let me. He has been using it since I brought it home for drawing and writing his 5-year old schemes.  Early next year, not in time for this year’s holidays unfortunately, they will have a new model out that will allow you to save the pages.  It will have built in memory to hold about 200 pages and will cost probably 2x the current $35 dollar retail price.

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