SID Display Week: Qualcomm Mirasol screen

by Charlie Dulin of Dulin's Books

Qualcomm had a barista in their booth making any kind of coffee drink you could think, but the Mirasol displays showcased were getting just as much attention. They had several stations showing off video or static content on their 5.7” reader reference design. The video looked slightly faster than I remember from CES and color was very good. There were capacitive and resistive touch devices showing no degradation in viewing quality with either.

They also had one stand with the device inside a dark shadow box displaying a front edge lit led lighting. It worked very well, was easy to read with the light seeming to cover the display evenly. It did not appear to have the large air gap of the Sony model with similar front lighting. This did not seem to effect the resolution at all.

The current display specs are 5.7 inch, 1024x768 with 6:1 contrast, 223 dpi and 23% reflectance.

According to Melinda Hutcheon, the Qualcomm PR Manager, Mirasol will be in full production in the 4th quarter. A digital reader produced by a PARTNER TO BE ANNOUNCED will debut by the end of the year. Good news for those of you waiting for a new color reader.

P.S. In case you're interested, you can view all of the source images from SID Display week here.

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