Ebook sales up for Q1 2010

The IDPF has just released their figures for wholesale ebook revenues for the first quarter of 2010. As you can see, reported sales were almost 4 times that of first quarter 2009.

Q1 02$1,556,499Q1 06$4,100,000Q1 10$91,000,000
Q2 02$1,258,989Q2 06$4,000,000Q2 10
Q3 02$1,329,548Q3 06$4,900,000Q3 10
Q4 02$1,649,144Q4 06$7,000,000Q4 10
Q1 03$1,794,544Q1 07$7,500,000
Q2 03$1,842,502Q2 07$8,100,000
Q3 03$1,789,455Q3 07$8,000,000
Q4 03$1,917,384Q4 07$8,200,000
Q1 04$1,794,130Q1 08$11,200,000
Q2 04$1,887,900Q2 08$11,600,000
Q3 04$2,460,343Q3 08$13,900,000
Q4 04$3,477,130Q4 08$16,800,000
Q1 05$3,161,049Q1 09$25,800,000
Q2 05$3,182,499Q2 09$37,600,000
Q3 05$2,310,291 Q3 09 $46,500,000
Q4 05$2,175,131Q4 09$55,900,000

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