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Computex: Gajah e-readers (video)

Charbax shot a video at Computex of Gajah's latest ereader. This on has a 5" LCD, and TBH is not one I've seen before. But first I want to share a secret I discovered today.

Gajah International is a quiet little tech company based in Singapore. You've probably never heard of them, but they're one of the most widely distributed ereader companies in the world. You've never heard of them because all of their ereaders are sold under someone else's brand name and they've been very careful about not pointing that out. It would take too long to list all of their business partners (plus there's no way to be sure I could find them all), but I will tell you this. Almost all of the ereader devices that I've mentioned on this blog as being sold under more than one brand name were designed by this company.

While I was working on this post, I dug up my a post I did on Gajah at CES 2010. I had forgotten how many devices they had on display back then. If you look through the pictures I took, you might recognize some of the ereaders as ones I've covered on TDR. Also, the device shown in this video wasn't on display at CES.

P.S. I also have one of their ereaders. I'm going to post a review in a couple days.

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