Morning Links 8 June 2010

Twice more unto the breach!

Don’t be ‘handcuffed’ over e-books, Bowker warns BEA

Bowker’s Kelly Gallagher said that “you can still change the rules related to price and release of e-books”.

Esquire Hits 100,000 iPhone App Downloads—But Don’t Talk About Sales Yet

It took just six months, but Esquire magazine’s iPhone app has crossed a big threshold: it’s gotten 100,000 downloads of in Apple’s iTunes Store. But that’s only for the free “shell” that serves as a storefront to buy individual issues or subscriptions. While the Hearst mag says it’s sold about 1,000 subscriptions to the monthly digital version of the magazine, sales numbers and circulation figures are not the big focus right now; Esquire just wants to get the marketing right.

The Transformation of Textbook Publishing in the Digital Age — New Product Models

In April, we published a report on Digital Textbook Sales in U.S. Higher Education, in which we outlined sales for e-textbooks over the next five years based on current trends and variables. This series — The Transformation of Textbook Publishing in the Digital Age — provides an in-depth look at textbook publishing in Higher Education, and offers a roadmap for evolution and profitability in the industry. In the first installment we discussed New Business Models. Specifically, we listed these four shifts that current textbook publishers should consider to remain competitive in their market niche.

The walls we build up (an open letter to the president of the Author's Guild)

As it happens, the need for reason and data at a time of uncertainty prompts me to write.  Among other pursuits, I study digital book piracy: its instance (how often and where does it occur?), as well as its impact (what’s the effect on paid sales?).

Why Apple’s iBook Numbers Are Meaningless can pretty much dismiss that number as overstated — but its execs still have good reason to worry about the threat Apple poses to the Kindle.

The 22 percent number means little because it does not reflect the entire publishing industry. Most small publishers, along with one of the largest in the world, Random House, do not sell books through Apple.

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