Wowio acquires DrunkDuck, WEvolt

Wowio has purchased 2 websites over the last 2 weeks, and while neither purchase is all that remarkable, the synergy between Wowio, DrunkDuck, and WEvolt is intriguing.

Here is what each site's founder described their site. When you read it, look at the similarities in the way they think. I think it gives an insight in to how Wowio is thinking.

“DrunkDuck’s primary goal has always been to provide the community with the content and tools they need to create the stories they want to tell,” said Scott Rosenberg, Platinum Studios’ Chairman and CEO. “WOWIO shared our original vision and will now provide a platform to continue to grow the community and strengthen the DrunkDuck brand. We couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity and are thrilled that DrunkDuck is now going to be an official part of the WOWIO family.”

“We built a website for people like me,” said Jason Badower, WEvolt’s co-creator and creative director, who has earned one of the hottest names in television tie-in comics with the original True Blood (HBO) and Heroes (NBC) graphic novels. “There are so many creative people who need a website for their work but they are either intimidated by the technology, can’t afford it or don’t have the time to figure it out. WEvolt solves all of those issues. The word ‘vault’ can mean to both launch and store something, but we ‘vault’ with more energy, so WE ‘volt’ instead.”

WEvolt is a social networking platform designed to bring creators and fans together, andDrunkDuck is a leading webcomics community. The 2 sites obviously have details in common but they also have different focuses. WEvolt has the feeling of a more directed social networking site, and DrunkDuck feels more user generated. If I'm right on the distinction then it makes sense that Wowio bought both sites. They're going to complement each other, and they give Wowio a hefty social media presence.

Drunk Duck press release

WEvolt press release

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