Evening Links 10 June 2010

This is another overflow edition of the morning links post. Enjoy.

eBook Market Needs Transparency, and Fast

From consumer demand, to devices and DRM schemes, to piracy concerns and reliable sales data, the nascent but undeniably booming eBook market is becoming a smoke and mirrored mess for anyone looking for straight answers.

During Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2010 on Monday, Steve Jobs added the latest puff of smoke with his carefully worded statement on iBooks’ eBook market share that many media outlets took out of context, paying more attention to his visuals than his words, gleefully “reporting” that Apple, in only two months, had miraculously cornered more than 1/5th of the market with their relatively minuscule selection of eBooks from only a handful-plus of publishers.

Fist-Full-of-Dollars-Amazon-v-Apple-with-Publishers-In-Middle Scenario is a Fantasy

When I was looking up ebook prices yesterday I was surprised that some books are more expensive in the US than in Canada. Yes MORE expensive.

Full Details of Spain’s Libranda E-book Platform Launch

The official unveiling of Libranda, the digital distributor set up by Spain’s leading publishers, took place yesterday in Madrid. Most of the information presented confirmed reports leaked last month (and covered by us here), but the press conference today did fill in a number of details:

You've Come A Long Way, Baby (satire)

Being the scholar that I are. . . ahem. . . I mean, "that I am," I immediately went to my massive library of reference materials, and, after many hours of exhilarating research, I came up with several missives sent over the years during periods of great change in the world of printed communications. Here, for your edification, are some samples, translated into modern English:

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