Zikon – new competition for E-ink?

I came  across a new entry into the epaper field last week. I've been reading up on them over the weekend, and I have to say I'm rather impressed.

Zikon is a tech startup based in California. They're working on what could be the next generation in E-ink screen technology. They think they've found a way to make a cheaper E-ink screen. Based on the material of the screen, I'd bet that it's also going to be more durable.

First I'm going to have to show you how an E-ink screen works:

Each of the circles in this image contains clear fluid, and it represents a pixel on an E-ink screen. The white and black dots are capsules containing the e-ink pigments.

Zikon have a better to make the e-ink which doesn't require the capsules or the suspension fluid, and that's why it should cost less and be more durable. Their e-ink particles are so small that they can be embedded in a porous material like, say, paper.

Here are the high points:

  • energy efficient (like E-ink)
  • bi-stable (like E-ink)
  • compatible with LCD fabrication processes (like Liquavista)

Zikon via IEEE Spectrum

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  1. Unfortunately they didnt seem to have a demo to show. That doesnt bode well.

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