LG Display, iriver announce partnership

From the press release:

Iriver and LG Display have agreed to establish a joint venture company, ’L&I Electronic Technology (Dongguan) Ltd.’ in China to expand their e-book business.

Each Iriver and LG Display will finance 49% and 51% of the joint venture company, respectively, totaling up to 5 million dollars. The business will be founded on original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and original development manufacturing (ODM) systems to develop e-books and provide production services.

It looks to me like iriver has decided to adopt LG Display as their primary screen technology. This would make iriver the second company to use LG screens (Skiff is the first).

On a related note, LG Display had several different types of screens on display at SID Display Week.

8 thoughts on “LG Display, iriver announce partnership

  1. Actually, Sony also uses LG screens (also Pocketbook/Netronix and probably some other manufacturers). My PRS-900’s screen is LG (and fades in sunlight :( ).

    1. Are you sure about the Sony Daily Edition? Sony site says it’s a Vizplex screen, which is E-ink.

      Which Pocketbook e-reader has an LG screen?

      1. Maybe you should then clarify somewhere what exactly do you mean by “LG screen”. Because I was under impression that it just means “a screen made by LG” (and thus E-Ink in context of e-readers).
        If you’re talking about the metal substrate thing, I’m pretty sure it’s still E-Ink.

        1. I call it an E-ink screen because the technology was developed by E-ink. Who actually manufacturers it doesn’t matter.

          BTW, I just heard back from my contact at Sony, and she said the Daily Edition screen was made by PVI, not LG.

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