Rumor: New Pandigital Novel coming next week

I've now heard this from 4 different places, so I think it's now time to pass it along. A bunch of people have reported that they were told that the white Novel has been recalled and that it will be replaced by a black 2GB model.

I checked with a couple Kohl's stores, and they didn't say exactly what they would get next week. But both stores said that all of the Novels they had on hand were returned, and would be replaced with new stock. (Will it be the white or black Novel? They didn't say.) But they didn't say that they would get the existing stock _back_.

This new black Novel might be the one that went through the FCC. It has a completely different (and better) set of hardware than the white Novel. All the ports and slots are on the upper edge, the battery and circuit board are moved around inside the case, and according to the user manual the black Novel comes with a stylus.

I'm calling this a rumor because I don't have any concrete evidence to support it. One of my sources works in a retail chain (but I can't say which one). I would rate the reliability of this rumor at 8 out of 10. I think it's going to happen.

P.S. If you want to have a look at the black model, check out the internal photos (on the FCC website).

6 thoughts on “Rumor: New Pandigital Novel coming next week

  1. It’s worth noting the original white one has an internal microSD for memory — 1GB, which can be swapped out for 16GB. The black model has a 2GB chip soldered to the board, period. If the CPU speeds are the same, I’d say the white one is the better buy, despite inferior port placement and lack of stylus.

  2. “I’d say the white one is the better buy…”
    For the first time in over 50 years of playing with computers I find myself “sort of” disagreeing with the more is better philosophy. (And I pointedly ignore the external SD slot.)
    The 1 Gb model will hold several hundred books, and with out an external way of managing them it is a daunting task to organize them.
    For it’s main purpose, as an e reader with a few other features there is little need for a lot of memory.

    That said, if the black unit replaces the white one, I’ll be watching Woot.

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