Pandigital didn’t release an update yesterday (pr dept & damage control)

You may have seen the story yesterday about how Pandigital responded to the complaints and the recall story by releasing a new firmware update for the Novel. Engadget and ZDNet broke the story (that's an important detail I'll cover later). The problem with the firmware update is that it didn't happen.

I waited until this morning to give Pandigital time to release the update yesterday. It's still not out. I also waited so that the myth would spread further than the truth (what can I say, I'm soft hearted at times). The firmware everyone is linking to was released on Monday, 7 June. I had that firmware on my Novel when I reviewed it. I had that firmware long before the recall. It didn't fix anything.

So why am I covering this now? I wanted to show you an example of how marketing department do damage control. This will make you better detect the BS that companies release.

Note the names of the 2 sites that broke this story. They are 2 of the 3 that first covered my stories on the Novel, and I don't think this was a coincidence. I think it should be obvious Pandigital's marketing department is doing damage control. I wish them the best of luck in perpetrating this myth. It's not going to work in the long run.

The problem with lying to the public like this is that someone always finds out the truth, and then the positive publicity you generated backfires. People will connect the company with the meme "lies to the public", and that can be hard to shake off.

5 thoughts on “Pandigital didn’t release an update yesterday (pr dept & damage control)

  1. It’s now 6/19, two days later and I went to their site. The firmware there is still dated 6/7. It makes me wonder if their firmware is all outsourced and if that is adding another layer of delay. With something that was obviously rushed to market like this, it’s always best to give it a month to shake out. Early adopters get the early pain too.

    1. I’d say it’s more likely that the lack of a new firmware is a sign that they’re replacing the white model entirely.

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