The iPad will kill the Kindle and other dumb ideas

So Mark Mahoney, an analyst with Citi Group, has once again reached into thin air and pulled out a prediction. He thinks the iPad could kill the Kindle platform. Obviously he is an idiot, and I would prefer to ignore him. Unfortunately, news sites  are going to report on his predictions, and I feel that someone has to point out that he is wrong.

I'm going to demonstrate the holes in his prediction through a series of questions. How can the iPad kill the Kindle platform when:

  1. there is a Kindle app for the iPad? (Surely if the iPad succeeds at the expense of the Kindle, this app will also succeed.)
  2. the Kindle Store has 10 times as many titles available as the iBookstore? (This point is the most important because it appears his whole prediction is based on an analysis of the NYTimes best seller list, not the actual number of titles.)
  3. the iPad and the the Kindle are incompletely disconnected market niches (due to price, cost, and function)?

He also assumes that Apple will push to expand the iBookstore. They could, yes, but there is no evidence that Apple will bother to do so. Apple's a hardware company.

And then there is the point that is so obvious I almost hesitate to mention it: he's ignoring all the other ereaders on the market. What, is the iPad not going to kill them as well?

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