Is the Nook outselling the Kindle?

Digitimes sure think so. Here's what they said:

Global e-book reader shipments from manufacturers to vendors in April-May 2010 reached 740,000 units, with Barnes & Noble's nook accounting for 37% and Amazon's Kindle trailing at 16%, according to Digitimes Research.

I'm going to apply a little common sense here.The Kindle is available in over 100 countries, the Nook only in the USA. I do not see how Amazon could possibly have sold half as many Kindles as B&N sold Nooks.Okay, it is remotely possible, but I find it highly improbable.

Digitimes are also reporting that both Amazon and Sony are going to announce new ereaders this summer. I haven't heard anything yet, but this could be true for Sony. They've dropped the price for all 3 current models, and based on past behavior this could mean a new hardware.

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  1. Is it possible that Sony may get out of the eReader game soon? They are primarily a hardware seller; the Sony eBook Store seems to be an accessory for the Reader and not the other way around. The lower prices for the nook, the Kobo, and, I’m sure it will happen soon, the Kindle signify a shift in strategy from selling the razor to selling the blades. Content providers can afford to sell the device at a little above cost if it gets people tied into their ecosystem. Sony simply won’t do it. This makes me a bit anxious to use up my Sony store credits soon.

  2. LVD (head of LBook) claimed that Sony and Amazon got exclusive rights on the first first half year production of the new (possibly aluminium-backed) screens and smaller guys like him had to wait.

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