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Dear Nate,

I find your reviews interesting and helpful. However, tomorrow is Father’s Day and my son promised me to get me an ebook reader for the occasion. Problem is, from what I have read so far, there really doesn’t seem to be a product out there that is “outstanding.”


My question to you is this: Of course, I could wait another year at which time I’m sure there will be something much better than what is available. But that’s not practical. Do you know of anything coming out within the next month or so that would be worth waiting for? If not, from all the different brands you havr reviewed which one(s) would you recommend at the moment? Would appreciate your advice.

I'm so glad I didn't answer this on Saturday. If I had then I would have said that there weren't any new devices coming out in the next month, and I would recommend getting the Kindle because of the ebookstore, web browsing, and recent firmware update.

But now that it's Monday, and everything has changed. I'd now recommend the Nook Wifi because of the price, recent firmware update, and web browsing. The Nook Wifi is the best deal out there (at least until Amazon responds by dropping the price of the Kindle).

See, this is why I don't like analysts making predictions. The whole ereader market changed in the space of a morning.

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