Apple now hiring iBookstore Managers for France, Germany

Actualitte just tipped me to a couple job openings with Apple for iBookstore Managers in France and Germany. Curiously enough, the position in Germany has been open since April. There's nothing surprising in the job listing:

The role includes: working with management, regionally and in Cupertino to determine strategies and priorities for iBooks in Germany and other countries; identifying content providers to target, establish and develop relationships; working with legal and production teams to finalize relationships and secure content; and coordinate launches with partners, production, and marketing. This role will also be responsible for marketing the books offering on the iBooks store by coordinating with Apple’s production teams, the marketing team, and the production and marketing teams of partners. The iBooks Manager will be measured according to his/her ability to establish a strong content offering for the local market to attract new customers and generate sales. Most important is a passion for books, a good understanding of the book market and the editorial flair to highlight the best, most popular and interesting books.

The iBooks Manager will be the primary person responsible for building the book business in Germany and will be the primary account manager for regional content providers. This will be in collaboration with corporate and local team members responsible for books and iTunes worldwide, production, marketing, and product management for the iBooks Store.

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