Changes to the blog

New Pages on the blog

I've added several new pages in the past couple weeks:

  • Reviews - This is an index page for the hardware reviews so they're easier to find.  It's a work in progress, and suggestions on how to improve it would be appreciated. At the very least I'm going to add brief descriptions and pictures.
  • Write for TDR - This one is self explanatory.
  • Got a tip for me? - As is this one.
  • SmartQ R7 Review - I'm experimenting with reorganizing the reviews from blog posts into pages. I don't think it is a good idea so I won't repeat it.


My comments policy is simple. I delete the obvious spam, and all real comments must have a valid email address. I check the iffy email addresses, and if the test email I send bounces then the comment gets deleted.

Blog content

I've made a number of changes to what I cover on TDR. For example, I've largely stopped posting  press releases. No one really seemed interested in reading them. At some point I'm going to bring them back, but with a separate RSS feed.

I've also consolidated the many links posts into only a few. I think it's better this way. Those who like the posts will click on them; those who don't will have fewer posts to ignore. Also, combing the link posts means I have the same content but less clutter. It's also more time efficient (for me).

I've been watching which pages get the most views, and it's clear that my readership wants this to be a hardware blog. I'm quite happy to oblige. Don't worry; I'm not going to abandon the less popular stories in pursuit of page views. I like them and I'll keep reporting on them.

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