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Irex release new firmware for DR800, DR1000

The company may be dead, but the software development continues. From the Irex blog:

Today we announce the availability of Release Candidate 3 of DR800S(G)/DR1000 2.0 software. This release addresses various issues in the document viewer. Note that the translations of the GUI texts are not yet complete, so you may see English messages even though your language is set to something else.

Improvements from v2.0-rc2

  • Improved zooming (PDF, images):
    • zoom above 400% possible
    • auto zoom to best available factor, fix blank screens
    • reduced memory required while scaling images, fix overruns
  • Fix page flipping speed in reflowed documents (EPUB, PDF)
  • Fix size and position of page and scribbles when switching back to original size (PDF)
  • Fix unexpected failure while generating thumbnails
  • Fix searching for single characters in text files

You can find the firmware here.

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