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Pandigital Novel has been rooted

A member of the SlateDroid tablet forum has just announced that he has rooted the Novel. I don't have any details yet on how he did it, but I've seen enough pictures to believe him.


P.S. I still have my Novel, and I'm trying to get him to help me root it. I'll post an update when I'm successful.

8 Comments on Pandigital Novel has been rooted

  1. Any luck with this yet? If you ever get step by step instructions please post. I rooted my Nexus One, easy, but I don’t want to touch the Pandigital without being sure of the process. Thanks.

    • Yes. I’m about to post a follow up. Sorry about the delay; the process only actually started working Thursday night.

  2. any update rooting it? want to get one if it can be rooted. thanks

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