Samsung Bows out of the eReader Price War

You might recall that Monday I posted that the Samsung E60 will be sold in France (it's also currently sold in Italy). I was a little frustrated because I had no info about the US release, which had been repeatedly delayed.  I sent an email to Samsung and pestered them again. They got back to me on Tuesday, and here is what they said:

Based on current market dynamics, Samsung is revisiting its approach to the eReader market in the US at this time. We remain committed to the mobile entertainment market and expect to have new announcements soon.

Note that they don't say that they are giving up entirely, just that they aren't going to release an ereader anytime soon. Fortunately for Samsung, they still have their native South Korean market as well as Japan.

They're really not having a good year when it comes to ereaders. First their 10" E101 gets killed by the iPad*, and then their entire ereader market in the US got killed by the price war.

*It was announced at CES 2010 (pre iPad), and then not announced at the  (post iPad) March press conference (and they won't comment on it).

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