Fujitsu launch epaper based outpatient system

Press release to follow.

I'm really not all that impressed by this. Yes, this could be a good system, but I'm not convinced there was a need to use epaper. In this situation battery life isn't a concern, nor is daylight visibility. Is a broad viewing angle worth the expense? I don't think so; the small font means you'll have to hold it very carefully in order to read it.

From the press release:

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu General Limited today announced the launch of a new electronic paper-based outpatient guidance solution, commercially available today from Fujitsu, designed to be used during the check-in process at medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics.Through a proprietary wireless communications system, the solution connects electronic card holders (made by Fujitsu General) utilizing electronic paper (e-paper) with both a patient navigation system, which guides patients to examination rooms or diagnostic testing rooms in medical facilities, and an electronic medical record system. This enables detailed guidance information to be delivered to the electronic card holder of an individual patient during their visit, from check-in and calling patients when the doctor is ready to see them, through to payment.

Through the electronic card holder, the solution shows outpatients their place in the queue when waiting for their consultation, and will notify them when they are called through visual displays and vibration. As long as they are within signal range, outpatients do not need to stay in the waiting room, allowing them to spend their time waiting however they find most comfortable and least stressful.

By reducing the time it takes for patients to make their way through, the medical facility can focus more on nursing care. As well, reducing the number of intake terminals and large information displays enables medical facilities to limit energy use and CO2 emissions.

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