Borders US Non-selling the Kobo

by Clint Bradford

On July 3rd I reported that none of the five local Borders stores that I called knew a thing about the Kobo. That post is still here.

Well, Borders stores in Southern California have Kobos in stock. At least three of the stores that i visited have them.

But you'd never know it - unless you asked.

The Sony models are on the displays. But not a Kobo in sight. The small brochure is there for the Kobo. That's it.

I feel like I am more excited about my Kobo than Borders' retail stores.

"Oh, we have 'em. They're in the back!" - was the reply from all three stores. One store had a unit that was brought to me to play with. About 10% battery life showed ("yea, we've had it for five days and haven't charged it yet.") It was Firmware Version 1.0.

This isn't the way I would roll out a new product. If it is not seen, no one can touch it. The only eReaders in sight are the two Son models that they are carrying. Lots of new "Visit our new eReader Store" and "Download our eReader App" signage. Got my free cup of coffee for merely showing my Borders app on my iPod touch.

So the day wasn't totally wasted ... (grin)

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