Calibre 7.9 now available

You can download calibre here:

FYI, calibre is a free ebook management & conversion tool. Mot people think it's the best on the market.

New Features

  • Support for the MiBuk
  • New unified toolbar
  • Device drivers: Add option to allow calibre to automatically manage metadata on the device in Preferences->Add/Save->Sending to device
  • BibTeX output for catalogs. The list of books in calibre can now also be output as a .bib file
  • A new toolbar button to choose/create different calibre libraries. Be careful using it if you also use custom columns.

Bug Fixes

  • MOBI metadata: Replace HTML entities in the title read from the MOBI file
  • Conversion pipeline: Handle elements with percentage sizes that are children of zero size parents correctly.
  • Fix regression that made LRF conversion less robust
  • FB2 Input: Handle embedded images correctly, so that EPUB generated from FB2 works with Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Fix regression that prevented old news from being deleted in the calibre library if calibre is never kept running for more than an hour
  • RTF Input: Fix handling of text align and superscript/subscripts
  • Fix long series or publisher names causing convert dialog to become too wide
  • SONY driver: Fix handling of invalid XML databases with null bytes
  • iTunes driver: Better series_index sorting
  • Improved editing of dates for custom columns
  • Linux USB scanner: Don't fail to start calibre if SYFS is not present. Instead simply fail to detect devices
  • Android driver: Show books on device if Aldiko is being used
  • Upgrade to Qt 4.6.3 in all binary builds to ensure proper rendering of the new toolbar icons
  • Fix handling of entities in epub files by the epub-fix command

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