Augen The Book is now in stores

Augen's The Book (a Kindle clone) very quietly appeared at Kmart this week with a retail of $89. FYI: that price is a lot cheaper than the $129 we'd seen previously. The supply seems to be rather limited, so you might want to hurry. My local store only received 2, and both went fast. Also, the product page has been removed from Kmart's website.

I don't have one, and I don't know when I will be able to get one. I had contacted Augen just over a month ago, and after exchanging a few emails they promised to lend me one to review. Well, that didn't happen. By the time I found out that they weren't going to send me one, my local Kmart store didn't have any left.

P.S. If you get one, I'd like to hear from you. It looks interesting, and I really wanted to see it.

10 thoughts on “Augen The Book is now in stores

  1. I was witing for you to show on Twitter to tell you about this. I should have come to the blog first! here’s a photo from the flier:

    J&R has it for a whopping $130!

    And Augen’s page for it is blank no-help garbage:

    And, wtf?, Augen says this is the bookstore and apparently there are Adobe DRMed ePub! See this hilarious mis-priced example:{4E07D6B8-F508-47D7-8322-DAAD1836117C}

    1. Yeah, I knew about the ebookstore. I’ve been ignoring it so I don’t have to say anything about the prices. And they’ve confirmed that The Book does support Adobe DE DRM.

  2. The copywriter over at J&R became a bit too enthusiastic and made it seem like people could buy DRMed Kindle books for it too! What’s also interesting in the J&R copy is the claim it can do Mobi/PRC eBooks. Too bad Augen’s site doesn’t have anything to say about their own product.

  3. Hey Nate,

    I bought one at Kmart early Sunday morning. I am willing to write a review with pics. I am just going through the first motions with the reader now.


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