New Nook 3G clears FCC

The paperwork for a new B&N Nook showed up on the FCC website on Friday. The hard data (pictures, specs, etc) were withheld, so I've spent the last couple days pondering what few hints that B&N gave us. Note: this isn't the Nook Wifi; that went through the FCC last month. No, this one is referred to as a 3G model.

The only data I have on the new Nook is that it has a new 3G chipset, it still uses AT&T, and that B&N gave it 2 codenames:

  • CR Nook
  • Bravo Delta

I still don't know what CR stands for, but I'm guessing that Bravo Delta could stand for Better Display (but that would be too obvious). But if I'm right, then this Nook could have the new E-ink Pearl screen. Either way, if B&N follows they're usual pattern we're going to see a new Nook in a few weeks.


UPDATE: It's late Sunday, and I've changed my mind. I think CR stands for College Ready and Bravo Delta stands for Bigger Display. This new Nook could be the one that ties in with NookStudy.

9 thoughts on “New Nook 3G clears FCC

  1. CR = Children’s Reader. That would be Nook Kids.

    The other is called Nook 2.

    Trademarks have been filed for those,

    There’s also Nook Cook, but that’s a trademark for software only.

  2. Of course, Bravo Delta *could* stand for Backlit Display …

    I guess it’s unlikely that CR stands for Controlled Release — the standard abbreviation used in the pharmaceutical industry.

  3. Well, I think it’s pretty well-known that the Nook’s “codename” or internal project name was Bravo (look at all of the Android app IDs for the B&N built apps on a hacked Nook), so it could really just be read as “Nook 2″. I kinda doubt all of these conspiracy theories based on the initials.

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