Did Magcloud just commit suicide?

Magcloud are a POD magazine service that's own by HP, and yesterday they released an iPad. It's currently free in iTunes, and you can use it to read all of the magazines from Magcloud. Here's my question: why would anyone buy a magazine if they can read it for free on the iPad?

Well, Magcloud have already responded:

Derek here. I work with HP on MagCloud. I just wanted to add a few data points to this. 1. The app already has a “Buy in Print” button. Every magazine on the iPad can spur a print-on-demand purchase (and based on my own magazines, that’s already happening, but of course it’s only day one).

2. Yes, we plan on implementing paid magazine purchases in the iPad app, too. We wanted to launch simple, and let it evolve.

3. MagCloud is all about empowering people to become publishers. In print, on iPad, wherever. More publishers making more magazines in more ways? How could that be bad (for MagCloud, for everyone)?

Personally, I love living here in the future.

iTunes via WarrenEllis

2 thoughts on “Did Magcloud just commit suicide?

  1. Whoa! I wasn’t paying attention. I forgot that HP owns MagCloud. Like Google, they are using Apple as a testbed. Google learned a lot for Android, now HP is doing the same for webOS. This is win.

  2. I’m trying to think why I might order a paid copy of a magazine I had full content access to for free. Unless I was featured in the magazine, I wouldn’t. I think it’s also easier convincing people to PAY for content, rather than convert a free content offering to PAID later.

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