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EXCLUSIVE: Audiovox just killed the RCA Lexi

The ereader price war has claimed its next victim! I now have confirmation form my contact with Audiovox that the Lexi won't be sold in the US market.  There is no word yet on where it will be sold.

Per your inquiry regarding our RCA eReader, as a result of the recent price drops in the market (Kindle/Nook/Sony) our primary focus has shifted to international opportunities.

The RCA Lexi was Audiovox's hot new product at CES 2010. It was an impressive looking ereader with Wifi, an accelerometer, and support for the B&N ebookstore. Unfortunately, Audiovox had the exceptionally bad luck to get into a market right when the price war killed any chance of making a profit.

Do you want to know how hot this was? The president of Audiovox shot this video at CES:

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