Borders to delay “area-e” until September are reporting that Borders aren't planning to have the area-e departments open in most stores until September.  Previously Borders had scheduled August for the grand opening. They are also planning to have the Kobo ereader in all stores by the end of July. (That may sound like a joke but it isn't.)

I stopped by my local store to take a few pictures and show you the current setup. The picture at left show 1 of 2 parts of their ereader display. You're looking at a pair of 18" wide shelf units set back to back and filled with empty retail boxes (the other side had empty Sony Reader boxes).

There was no Kobo ereader display unit, but there was this beatup old Sony display:

Okay, I know it looks like I'm beating up on them, but what kind of a company can't get their flagship product out to all their stores? They had shelves full of empty boxes, for pete's sake.

I hope I'm not the only one who sees Borders working really hard to stay in last place. The really sad part is that I'm pretty sure Borders really are invested in ereader and ebooks, and that this is the best they can do.

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  1. Borders really is that stupid. they work very hard at being that mediocre.

    Anytime you doubt how freaking dumb Borders is, just remember: They purchased Paperchase, spent millions remodeling the stores to sell $20 cardboard boxes, and then sold it for cash when they started bleeding money in earnest.

    I almost cried when I worked at Borders and opened a pallet of office supplies for that godforsaken section.

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