Engadget got their hands on Augen’s crappy $99 Android netbook

Normally I wouldn't start a title in such a negative tone, but I've seen this hardware before. Under no circumstances should you consider buying this. If someone offers to give you one, run away as fast as you can because they are obviously insane.

The Augen Gentouch74 has a 400MHz ARM CPU, 128MB of RAM, and runs Android 1.6. FYI: the Android spec requires a 1GHz CPU. Engadget are also seeing te same poor build quality that I experienced.

Run away! Run away!


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7 Comments on Engadget got their hands on Augen’s crappy $99 Android netbook

  1. Wow, I don’t have any hope for that $150 7″ Android tablet from Augen now. Is this company created by someone who has zero savvy and thought he could get in on a good thing with all this cheap stuff? This $99 will be returned in droves. If it ever sells at all, after that Engadget piece!

  2. The 1GHz requirement is for the next generation Android (Gingerbread).

  3. Once again engadget shows they have no idea what they are talking about. The 1GHz requirement is for 2.x – NOT for the 1.6 that this little piece of shit computer is running.

    Please hire people that know their stuff and get rid of writers like “Nate” that posted this.

  4. I wonder if it would be possible to pry it open and add more RAM. (After all, that’s what CherryPal claimed they did to their el-cheapo Chinese netbook variant.) And maybe swap in a version of Linux that would be less bloated than Android?

  5. Got one for $80 for my 10yo. I think it’s great for the money. When she hits 13 or so I will be willing to drop $300 to $400, but she’s young and does not type fast. As long as it plays American Girl and can get her homework typed, it’s a winner. And for that money if she breaks it or it gets stolen, I’m only out $80.00. I mean what you you expect from a 400MHz computer?

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