New Nook firmware now available – v2.4.1

Nookdevs announced a new firmware for the Nook yesterday. It’s based on the v1.4 firmware that B&N release some months back, but it has a number of improvements. I’ve  installed it and I have to say that this version is definitely more polished than before.

In case you’re wondering, one thing that sets this firmware apart from Nokdevs’ previous work is that the v2.4.1 release has all the latest and best versions of the Nook apps, including:

  • ADB over USB
  • NookLibrary 0.1.0 – Allows for better organization of sideloaded books with enhanced sorting abilities.
  • NookBrowser 0.0.9 – Predates the official browser, some different functionality.
  • NookFileManager 0.0.2 – Allows you to deal with filesystem operations without needing ADB.
  • Nooklets (rev:3) – Allows for mini javascript/web games to be easily made for the nook.
  • Trook (rev:68) – RSS Reader, Allows syncing with Calibre
  • Launcher – This allows for 3rd party applications to be installed and executed.
  • Non-Market App Fixes – The Android system was modified to allow non-market apps to be install/upgraded
  • Helper Scripts – A minimal amount of helper scripts have been written to help with Softroot/ROM upgrades.

With the previous hacked firmwares you had to install and uninstall these apps yourself. Now all you have to do is install this firmware.

You can get the firmware as well as instructions here.


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