Copia just revealed their new line of e-readers

CrunchGear has more information on the Copia ereaders we saw in the WSJ. Copia have totally revamped their lineup. Do you know those really neat E-ink based readers I saw at CES (and are still on the Copia website)? They're all gone. Now Copia have 4 LCD devices and  only one rather crappy Kindle clone (with E-ink).

So first we have a pair of LCD ereaders (no Wifi or touch screen) called the Wave5 and Wave7 for $99 and $129. I showed you the 5" ereader before; the 7" model is equally pathetic. Do they really think they can sell either device when you can get a 7" Android tablet for $149 or the Kindle Wifi for $139? Who do they think they are kidding?

Hell, I thought the whole idea of Copia was social media. How exactly am I supposed to share with my friends if these ereaders don't have Wifi?

Next up we have a 10" tablet. From the feature set I would guess that this is going to be less than a full function tablet computer. It will have 512MB RAM, 4GB Flash,  Wifi, an accelerometer, and some software like a browser, email, IM built in. Retail is $299. Okay, this one is not a bad addition to the line. I just wish it hadn't replaced the existing large screen devices.

I really want to know what happened to all the really cool ereaders I saw at CES. I'm asking because they've been replaced by a rather crappy Kindle clone. I'm sorry, but compared to the gorgeous ereaders I saw at CES, this thing is crap. It's going to cost $149 and Wifi will be $10 extra.

When I find out what happened to Copia's other ereaders I will post about it.

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  1. Hi Nate,
    the point is that they all were SiPix display based. Looks like SiPix has been a failure. All of the Western companies who announced SiPix based ereaders dropped them: Russian Lbook and Spanish Grammata, who sell Jinke’s Hanlin dropped their A6/A9 SiPix ereaders line (most likely they will never see the light of day).
    The only SiPix ereader in the world – at the moment – is the Qisda/BenQ, but they are a subsidiary of SiPix manufacturer (or vice versa, not sure), I think…

  2. Some Copia product designer and/or marketing manager is in denial. You’re right. These LCD readers are DOA.

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