Copia reveal an LCD tablet

It's only 5", so calling it a tablet is something of a stretch. The Wall Street Journal has the story, but there is hardly any detial or specs for the ereader. Fortunately, I've seen the hardware before.

An ereader with the same image popped up on JCPenney's website back in November. That ereader had the following specs (note that it doesn't have Wifi):

  • 5" backlit color screen
  • Adobe DE support
  • 1GB memory
  • SD card slot
  • product description says it can "read books, play music and videos"

I just checked with the other company, and they have canceled their plans for the ereader.

Copia is still expecting to release their ereaders "later this year". This particular ereader will cost $99. Yeah, right. I expect by Christmas to see a decent quality 7" Android tablet w\Wifi for $99. This thing had better cost a whole lot less or it's a FAIL.

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  1. GREAT catch! I noticed the buttons and my back brain wondered where I’d seen that before. And I was just thinking of that original company the other day — I wasn’t going to contact them because with all the price drops on eInk, I figured there were crushed at birth. Now here they are!

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