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E-Books Fly Beyond Mere Text

E-books of the latest generation are so brand new that publishers can’t agree on what to call them.


All of them go beyond the simple black-and-white e-book that digitally mirrors its ink-and-paper predecessor. The new multimedia books use video that is integrated with text, and they are best read — and watched — on an iPad, the tablet device that has created vast possibilities for book publishers.

Put this in your iPad and read it: There's life in print yet

Young people approach me in cafes to ask me about my iPad. "Do you like it," they ask? Well, I do; it's slim, sexy, convenient, and for the first time, I can shed the Luddite tag I so richly deserve.

But will my iPad change the way I read? Not likely, I think, at least in the short term.

Seasoned Publisher Says E-Publishing Will Replace Traditional Books

The New York publishing business model is dead, so says 32-year-publishing veteran Jerry D. Simmons.

After spending 25 years as a VP of Field Sales with both Random House and the former Time-Warner Book Group, Simmons left traditional publishing for good. In his independently published book What Writers Need to Know About Publishing (available on his Web site), he lets the positive information mix with the negative. Best-selling author Sandra Brown, credits the book as telling "the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of book publishing, told in a straight-from-the-hip manner. New writers take note!"

Volume of Kindle book sales stuns Amazon's Jeff Bezos

Q: How about a Kindle with a color screen?

A: If you could add color without compromising readability, great. But color is not ready for prime time.

An LCD (color) display (such as the one on the iPad) has many compromises: All of a sudden, you can't read outside; people like to read outside. All of a sudden, you have to worry about your battery. For many people, extended reading sessions on an LCD display cause eyestrain. There's a whole bunch of reasons you want a display like Kindle.

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