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B&N Decline Signals Triumph of Direct-to-Consumer Model (Part 1)

The announcement that Barnes & Noble has been put up for sale confirms something we have been saying for years: that on-demand bookselling is destined to replace the traditional brick and mortar model.To put the B&N news in perspective we thought it might be timely to reprint a two-part article we posted last spring dealing with the disintermediation of the old system and its replacement by one based on an on-demand, direct-to-consumer approach.

This is Part 1.

Lonely Planet Releases First Interactive Travel Ebook

Lonely Planet has gone the digital route, yesterday unveiling the first interactive travel Ebook. "Discover" will make trip planning almost effortless, with never-before-seen features in the Ebook travel space. We caught up with Lonely Planet's Executive Vice President, John Boris, for the skinny on Discover.

Three new ebook platforms nearing their debut

A year ago — even six months ago — it seemed like Amazon and its Kindle device had an insurmountable advantage in the ebook device and platform competition. Despite our admonition that Amazon’s dominance of ebooks was much more fragile than their dominance in online print bookselling, even we were impressed and sometimes daunted by the enormous percentage of ebook sales that were being made through the Kindle ecosystem.

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