New Nook 3G now available – Cannot be Hacked

Do you recall the new Nook that went through the FCC a couple weeks back? I think it might already be on the shelf.

Nookdevs sent out a tweet this evening warning everyone not to hack their Nook. Apparently B&N are shipping a Nook 3G with slightly different hardware. If you try to install the 1.0 firmware you'll brick the Nook.

At this point I don't know that this is the new Nook, but I went through the manual and the  FCC ID for the new Nook 3G is listed. Between this and the reported hardware revision I really think it happened.

Shoot. I wanted new hardware.


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5 Comments on New Nook 3G now available – Cannot be Hacked

  1. That was stupid of them. I’m sure some sales were BECAUSE it could be hacked. That fact kept tempting me at one time too.

    So I guess you’ll have to settle for one of the new Sony Readers coming. Ha!

  2. Are we sure that’s a new 3g? They just refer to nook in general, and nookdevs says that nook wifi already has a new model on the shelves. It’s the one that’s at software 1.4.1, and if I understand right, that’s the one that will brick if softrooted. I’m still hopeful that the one that went through the FCC has new hardware.

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