Pocketbook likely won’t be announcing their Mirasol e-reader at IFA-Berlin

Pocketbook has uploaded the first press photos for the new ereaders they will announce at IFA-Berlin and the Mirasol device isn't there. The picture at right is the PB 903.

This is not a joke and it is not a rumor. I have confirmation from a couple different sources that Pocketbook is working with Qualcomm. I've actually been sitting on this for a couple days now. I was giving Qualcomm a chance to ask me to not post the story. They haven't responded to my emails so I guess they're okay with it.

So what proof do I have? I have a non-denying confirmation from a Pocketbook PR rep I know. He did not explicitly say yes, but it came to the same thing. I've also heard about the partnership from a couple different people peripherally involved with Pocketbook.

I also have this. That post is written by a Russian blogger who has always had reliable information on ereader companies. He says that there will be 3 partners, and Pocketbook will be the European partner. I bet he's right.

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